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Genom Biotech Pvt. Ltd is a leading pharmaceutical and biotech company operating in 17countries spread across CIS, Middle East, Africa and Latin America and has over 118 Brandscatering to all the therapeutic segments.

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Sales and Marketing

We study, understand and closely monitor our local distributor network and build country specific support system. This means we address their needs in totality.

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Facilities & Infrastructure

Genom Biotech commissioned a modern, sophisticated formulation manufacturing facility at its Nasik Complex. Designed to meet the most stringent international standards.

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  • Formulations
  • Antiallergic
  • Analgesics & Antipyretic
  • Antibacterials
  • Anti Helmintic
  • Anti Hypertensive
  • Dermatology
  • Gastro Intestinal
  • Vitamin & Mineral supplements
  • Genito Urinary
  • Muskuloskeletal
  • We are expanding our product range
  • We are also entering into domestic marketing
  • We are heading towards Nutraceuticals
  • We are expanding worldwide
  • Opening shortly the R&D center in Nashik


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Corporate Address

A-604, Delphi, Orchard Avenue, Hiranandani Business Park, Powai, Mumbai-400 076. Tel: 022 61469000 / Fax: 022 61469001

Factory Address

D:121-123, MIDC Malegaon, Sinnar, Nasik-422 103 Tel: 02551 230461/462, Fax: 02551 230291